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Introducing the

"Hafernick Perspectives" Newsletter

Hafernick Legal-Nurse Consulting presents a timely newsletter compiled by legal-nurse consultants, and aimed at educating the community.  This newsletter will be available on this web site.  Volume 1, Issue 1, kicks off this premier event.

Ms. Hafernick brings together the knowledge of legal-nurse consultants from across the nation, discussing a variety of topics that are medically-related and pertinent to the times. 

The newsletter is formatted in Adobe Acrobat Reader for web page viewing.  Please feel free to print this version and distribute it among your colleagues.

It is also available in Microsoft Word 2000 as an e-mail attachment upon request.

If you have questions or comments about this newsletter, please contact Deborah Hafernick at the address below.

Follow the "Hafernick Perspectives" link to read the latest news!


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